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In diploma picture «Baptism» (2002) entirely revealed itself artist’s mastery of compositional decision in depiction of the genre theme included in the dimension of panoramic landscape. The choice of the subject of diploma picture was determined inwardly by the ideals of artist himself.

In some of artist’s works in the space of landscape is included a simple genre theme, a figure of man or the depiction of animals. Such a works are in the «Greece series» («Athos Midday», 2006), reveal the important idea of harmonic unity, merging of a man and nature, as well as, which had become the result of painter’s trips in Mordovia and Kazakhstan. In such a works as «Summer Day» (2004), «In a Yard» (2004), «On a Watering-place» (2007), «A Week-days of Gailau» (2007) in a simple genre theme the artist following the greatest masters of Russian and foreign realistic painting of XIX century reveals the aesthetical content of a measured organization of life of the Russian village or of the toilers of the Kazakh pastures. Among the artist’s works one can mention several pictures, representing the genre of portrait. In the «Portrait of a Father» (2002) and in the picture «Masha» (2005) the evocative characteristic and form of a plastic embodiment of a latter forces to remember forces to remember the portrait painting of the Old masters of XVII century.


A picture or a book was a success if having met after them a cloud, tree or a character, we shall say: "I had seen it hundred times but hadn't seen it yet."

G. K. Chesterton