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The character of picturesque decision of such a works as «a Still-life with a Coffee-mill» (2003), «An Old Utensils» (2006) and «A Still-life with an Old Wineskin» (2009) is consonant to the austere solemnity of the still-lives created by Surbaran and Rivera — the greatest masters of a Spanish school of painting of Sixteenth century — are revealing themselves also in the way of picturesque decision. These still-lives are distinguished by the distinct drawing, a special reliability in rendering of texture of a material and the technique of allocation of the sternly organized group of things against the dark neutral background with a bright purposeful light. Тhe fineness of picturesque decision of a rather small bunch picture «Astres» (2006) forces us to remember the still-lives of Fanten-Latour — French painter, who, continuing in his art the realistic principles of the middle of XIX century, had become one of creators of impressionism.


A picture or a book was a success if having met after them a cloud, tree or a character, we shall say: "I had seen it hundred times but hadn't seen it yet."

G. K. Chesterton