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The Ovsianikov’s picturesque talent was realized with the greatest fullness and brightness precisely in a genre of landscape. The particular place in painter’s art belong to the woks, created as the result of the several trips in Greece — the cradle of European culture, the homeland of the Orthodoxy, the country with which the painter has the indissoluble spiritual connection. The artist depicted with the particular exactness the appearance of the old Orthodoxy churches, the magnificence of which is distinctly showing itself in combination with the unique beauty of the nature of Greece. In the landscapes, had created by painter in the Russian North and in the so-called Middle belt, and had become the result of a trip in Kazakhstan, the more reserved gamut is prevailing. It is necessary to underline that these themes had been always close to the artist who in his childhood all summer leaved in the village and on his own experience perceived the singular beauty of a peasant labor, which is worthy of truthful depiction in the works of art.

In the painter’s landscapes one can notice the consistent mastering of picturesque achievements of the masters of Russian and foreign realistic painting that is revealing itself at first in the aspiration towards the reliability and elevated spirituality in depiction of nature in the whole diversity of its manifestations.


A picture or a book was a success if having met after them a cloud, tree or a character, we shall say: "I had seen it hundred times but hadn't seen it yet."

G. K. Chesterton